It’s not just a kids account…
it’s way better!

We’re turning kiwi kids into money maestros.

Download SquareOne today.

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Join 150,000 Kiwi customers learning to make money epic

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SquareOne app Rating


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Changing the game
for parents & kids

SquareOne is your child’s 1st bank account + card.
Managed by you!

We're putting the tools in your hands and the knowledge in theirs, to connect the dots and help our kids to be great with money in a digital world.

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Helping your kids be great with money

Your best investment in your biggest investment!

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Teach your kids the value of money. Automate pocket money, pay for jobs, instant transfer 24/7. Whatever your views on money and how it’s earned, we’ve got your back!

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They pay in-store or online with your oversight. You set the boundaries and get instant notifications.

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They set their own saving goals and work towards buying off their dream purchase. Saving for a surfboard? Dreaming of that new dirt bike? Set the goal and save away!

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Education around money starts at home. We're giving you the tools to learn together safely and start building the skills that will last a lifetime.

Giving you features that matter

The freedom to explore, grow and learn about money safely.

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Hassle-free pocket money? Magic!

This is not your grandparent's bank.

It’s time our kids learn how money works today, not last century. With features like automatic pocket money, they form great habits early, and you have one less thing to worry about.

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Safe spending & oversight

You set the boundaries. Complete oversight of all payments, control of spending limits, and more.

No cash withdrawals, and no R18 merchants.

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Your kid's first card

It’s contactless, and works anywhere Mastercard is accepted (so basically everywhere!)

For shopping online, you’ll notice there are no numbers on the physical card. Instead, they’re available right in the app

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Your kid's first account

A beautiful experience, to help your child connect the dots between earning, spending & saving, with real money. 

Saving pockets & pocket boosts

Help them hit their goals. Remember that feeling of your first big achievement when you were their age?

Set goals, and create unlimited pockets - then watch their progress.

Inspire entrepreneurship

Access = empowerment. Today, that means accepting card payments.

So unleash that young entrepreneur, starting in their own backyard, with a lemonade stand, or mowing lawns... No cash? No worries!

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