about us

We're here to kickstart your kid's journey to financial well-being and teach them how money works in the real world.

Our mission

+ Educate the next generation to be good with money

+ Inspire moments of joy that last a lifetime

+ Provide a safe environment for our kids to learn

+ Turn kiwi kids into money maestros

So why are we doing this?

Because our kids deserve to have the skills and tools to start life-long good habits with money!

When we were kids we had piggy-banks, savings books and star charts. We could count our money, and see our physical pile of cash and coins break down and diminish as we spent. We could also watch it build up as we did jobs and saved… And that's how it was for generations.

But times are changing and we need to prepare our kids to be money smart in the world today, not last century!

The Founders

We’re two mates with young families. We quickly realised the financial landscape for our kids was broken, which made teaching our kids about money next to impossible. We also believe that money isn’t the most important thing - the most important things are free. And being great with money frees you up to focus on those things.

Options for youth accounts are limited. The market’s approach is out of date, and our kids are missing out on the skills they need. So we’re fixing it. For our kids, and yours.

SquareOne app Jamie
Jamie | Co-founder
With 2 decades of global experience in the payments industry, Jamie has the expertise and tech skills to help us solve any problem. A true sports enthusiast, he loves a bit of competition, and his ‘just do it’ mentality helps drive SquareOne forward.
SquareOne app Jovan
Jovan | Co-founder
Jovan launched his first business in London during the GFC, built it to a team of 25, and sold it 5 years later. An ex-firefighter and keen motorcyclist, he knows how to get things off the ground, and loves building teams to create value and tackle complex challenges.