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Holding on and letting go

How to find a balance between oversight and independence.

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Motivation 2.0

Adding money into any relationship is tricky. That’s why you need to start with a money philosophy.

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Jobs vs Chores

Words matter, and so does what kids do for money (or for free).

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Saving up and saving down

Remember those little yellow plastic pigs? Or those little savings books you got at school, as friendly folk from the banks swanned in with free stuff for all the kids? Maybe you had a jar to keep your cents in, because that made sense at the time.

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Interchange fee drop… The end of cash?

Well, maybe not the end of cash but it’s certainly another step closer. Historically, merchant service fees in New Zealand have been unregulated. This has added a cost for retailers who can either pass that on through higher prices, or add ‘no paywave.

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NZ leads the way… Or do we?

Everyone loves a success story, and in many areas, little old Aotearoa leads the way, punching well above our weight on the world stage.

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Money Motivation

Should our kids be motivated by money?

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Financial philosophy - a good place to start

A financial philosophy is both how you think about money, and what guides your decision making. It's the knowledge, attitudes and values about money you’ve gathered from the sum of all your experiences.

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A job well done

Helping your kids take pride in their jobs (even the crappy ones). We’ve all been there. The kids rush to tidy their room so they can watch that movie, and you find they’ve just stuffed everything under the bed.

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Kiwis, savers? Yeah, nah.

Thanks to a westpac survey, our savings habits as New Zealanders have been revealed. It’s not a pretty picture, and shows the stark reality of the current state of our financial capability as a nation.

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Thought about your kids’ retirement?

Our ageing population means today’s students face a different future to their grandparents – when these young people retire, the ratio of New Zealanders aged 65+ will be 1:4.

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