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And helping schools out along the way!

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What is SquareOne

SquareOne is your child’s 1st bank account + card...
Managed by you!

We're putting the tools in your hands and the knowledge in theirs, to connect the dots and help our kids to be great with money in a digital world.

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150K+ Kiwis are already learning how to be great with money!

SquareOne in Schools

Our mission is to give kids the financial skills we never had, and help schools out along the way.

It’s been proven time and time again that good money habits start young, but we’re still lightyears
away from where we need to be.

SquareOne is all about helping kids form healthy habits with money from an early age that will set
them up for life. We also know funding can be quite tight for schools. And we want to help!

It’s super simple.
Sign up to SquareOne using your school's unique referral code and we will donate $10 to the school per child.

Each school involved will also go in the draw to win $1,000 extra to spend anywhere across the school they need it.

The first 30 days are free so if SquareOne isn't for you, you can cancel your subscription before you pay anything. But, we hope you won't and we think you and your kids will love it.

It’s not just a kids account…
it’s way better!

Don’t forget to put in your referral code when prompted!

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If you’re already
signed up to SquareOne

Don’t worry! We don’t want your school missing out just because you’re already a SquareOne-r!

Simply email us the Name and Email you signed up to SquareOne with to hi@getsquareone.app. We’ll still make a $10 donation to your school.

FAQs: SquareOne in Schools

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Where can I find my school’s referral code?

Your school should have included it on their latest email or newsletter home. If not, just ask them and they'll have it for you.

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What if my school’s not signed up?

If you want your school to be a part of SquareOne in Schools - give us a shout at hi@getsquareone.app and we can get it sorted

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Does SquareOne cost anything?

It’s free for 30 days, then $4.99/month for the whole family. You can cancel their subscription anytime and we’ll still donate to your school!