Teaching KIWI KIDS 
to be Money Maestros

We want our kids to get the head start with money that we missed out on.
The only way we can give them this is a holistic approach to financial education.
From earning to learning and everything in between.

Automate pocket money, chores & more

Pay (or don't - your choice) for chores, send pocket money, bring back the lemonade stand and so much more! Whatever your stance on money and how it should be earned - we’ve got your back!

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Jobs done? No worries

Set their chores and how much you think they should be paid for completing them.

Tick it off in the app and BOOM - they’ve been paid!

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Pocket money on autopilot

Set up regular pocket money payments into your kids account.

Teach them the power of budgeting and more.

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Inspire entrepreneurship

Anyone can scan your Sendit QR code with their phone camera, to pay with their debit or credit card

From anywhere in the world 24/7/365.

Money skills that
last a lifetime

They set their own saving goals and work towards buying off their dream purchase. Saving for a surfboard? Dreaming of that new dirt bike? Set the goal and save away!

We're helping you teach your kids the beauty of saving for the treats!

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Savings pockets

Set up multiple savings pockets for specific goals that your kids can work towards.

Help your kids plan for their future.

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Pocket Boost

Want something more interesting than interest?

Give your kids savings goals a boost by choosing how much you want to contribute to their saving pocket!

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Skills for life

Teaching our kids the power of saving, interest and understanding that money doesn't grow on trees.

Giving them the best head start to money smarts.

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Safe spending & oversight

They’ll learn + explore, but you still have oversight, keeping their journey safe.

+ Real-time transaction information
+ Cards blocked at R18 merchants (like liquor stores)
+ Online or international use? You decide
+ Instant freeze / unfreeze their cards
+ Spend limits set by you

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Pay your way!

In store or online anywhere Mastercard is accepted (which is basically everywhere) with their card or phone.

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You see everything

Push notifications to keep you on top of all incoming and outgoing payments from their account.

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Parental controls & safety

The freedom to learn & explore but within the boundaries you set!

It's not just about the doing...
it's about learning too


We are on a mission to make our kids great with money. We give you the tools but we also want to share the knowledge that can help you accelerate your kids amazing money habits:

A job well done

Helping your kids take pride in their jobs (even the crappy ones). We’ve all been there. The kids rush to tidy their room so they can watch that movie, and you find they’ve just stuffed everything under the bed...

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Financial philosophy - a good place to start

A financial philosophy is both how you think about money, and what guides your decision making. It's the knowledge, attitudes and values about money you’ve gathered from the sum of all your experiences.

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